The Lecture

*Please note all images below are of the actual exhibits in the roadshow


The lecture starts some 50,000 years ago with the Irish Woolly Mammoth. 

We then deal with the mammals that lived here during the ice age, for example, the arctic fox, the reindeer, and Irish Elk.


The lecture then moves on to the first settlers that arrived in Ireland some 9500 years ago.


We discuss how these Mesolithic peoples lived and what animals roamed in the ancient Irish forest along side them.


The largest mammal that inhabited

the Irish oak and pine forest when our ancestors first arrived here was the Irish brown bear.


This particular bear that is in the exhibition is over 6ft tall.


                                          We then deal with our                                                    native mammals that are                                                still with us here today that                                            arrived at the end of the last ice age through various means our otters, foxes, badgers, stoats etc.

The lecture then moves from pre-history into history, and we deal with the mammals that different peoples thought out history deliberately introduced into Ireland at various times in the past, for example, the Normans introduced the fallow deer and rabbit into Ireland in the 12th century.  


We finally finish up in 1950s with the introduction of the American mink to our shores.


After the talk, the lecturer will take questions from the students about the natural history of Ireland or wildlife in general.​

For secondary schools and third​ level colleges our lecture starts 385 million years ago working through the Carboniferous period

right through the ice ages and 

finishing in the 1950s with the 

American mink.


The Natural History of Ireland


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